• Customer Service Guaranteed

    This company is honored by national production along with after-sales service all around Iran without any problems facing similar foreign products.

  • Conducting projects of production and storage equipment

    Iran Foulad Co. would be your companion broker for manufacturing, equipping, automation upgrading, and implementing turnkey storage projects.

  • Mechanized storage machinery

    Stalker, Lift, Rychtrak, and electrical Pallet Truck for interior stock transportation

  • Manual Storage Machinery

    Manual and Electric Lifters and Jack Pallet
  • Iran Foulad Company

    Providing quality products since 1355 ...


The only provider of complete chain of storage equipment and products simultaneously.

After-Sales service

Providing guarantee, support, and spare parts throughout Iran.


Iran Foulad Industrial Group is proud to offer services to top Iranian industries in its four decades of experience.